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    We called this home the “Dove Mountain Gem”. It was passed over many times by home buyers who could not see past the pink fabrics and the brass railings.


    Living room:
    In the living room, we reclad the fireplace in stone, changed all the window coverings and built a custom area rug. One of the photos show a detail of this custom area rug.
    We also custom-painted the ottomans and did a custom cocktail table in mesquite.

    Over the stone we faux-painted the existing wood hood to look like copper and this turned out great.

    Formal dining room:
    The custom mesquite dining table with turquoise inlays is set over a custom area rug. the turquoise inlays became a foundational color for the color scheme of the area. The windows have been adorned with custom coverings.

    Casual dining area:
    This dining area is decorated with a copper table, highlighted with lather draperies on the windows. These leather draperies were handmade, directly on site.

    Note the presence of a key throw table in the foyer: it was built with a piece of reclaimed wood from Brazil and an old wagon wheel.