Jason Scott Collection

Every Jason Scott piece is made of reclaimed Indonesian teak salvaged from abandoned structures and handcrafted in Java using a unique 10 step process. 

It can take up to a year to order and receive a piece from Jason. Therefore, we stock so many of his pieces and we ship nationwide. We try to keep our website as up to date as possible with what we have in stock. We also always have items on order and know when to expect them. So, if you don’t see the piece that you want, we may already have it on order!

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Hancock & Moore

Since 1981 Hancock & Moore has been making masterpieces that are original and custom-made to your exacting requirements. They believe that personal choices define everyone’s unique style. They express their passion for accommodating self-expression by providing endless choices of leather, fabric, trim and wood finishes.

The craftsmanship is based off of their tradition of hand-built quality that ensures your unique taste will last for generations to come. Over the past 30 years Hancock & Moore has been creating furniture exactly as you envision it.

Their craftsmen devote countless hours to creating and keeping the Hancock & Moore way original eight way handtied-solid maple frame and signed off by each craftsman who worked on each individual piece of Hancock & Moore furniture. This makes them the best values in the market.

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Norwalk was founded in 1902 as an upholstery company specializing in repairing and reupholstering furniture.

Norwalk’s components are resourced within 400 miles of the factory. Local artisans, including the Amish, help create the frames and only the zippers are made offshore!

With a fantastic array of fabrics, they created a computer program that allows you to see what your piece will look like and they have a 37-day production schedule. What more could you want? How about complimentary design service so that there are no mistakes!

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Pacific Green

Pacific Green began in 1973 seeking to define an iconic style of Australian furniture. When the world began to wake up to the ecological threat posed by mass deforestation, the company sets out to find a sustainable substitute material to replace all forest timber in furniture design.

This lead them to the South Pacific where they discovered vast abandoned plantations of coconut palm trees. They eventually became the world’s first factory dedicated to the coconut palm.

The furniture uniquely adopts elements from traditional craft designs of the Pacific Islands. The INDIGENOUS MASTERPIECES collection takes inspiration from artefacts developed by the world’s indigenous tribes over thousands of years. Each piece carries the culture of a people and is finished intricately using traditional techniques and motifs. Pacific Green continues its charter to provide inspirational sustainable products to consumers globally.

Pacific Green’s charter is to provide inspirational sustainable products. By recycling barren coconut palms, old plantation land was returned to local villages to replant with young fruit-bearing palms and other cash crops thus beginning the lifecycle of land regeneration.

Their manufacturing processes are environmentally-sustainable and avoid toxins and chemicals. Even the finishing oils are 100% natural and the sawdust is used as a nutrient-rich agricultural fertilizer. Nothing is wasted and packaging materials are fully recyclable. The Pacific Green furniture and products that you buy reflect this commitment to social responsibility and accountability.

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