In 1995 after traveling to many countries around the world Jason Scott became infatuated with the beauty and culture of the exotic island of Java in Indonesia. During his travels, he collected several pieces of antique furniture and artifacts.

When he returned to the United States he was inspired to open a small antique furniture shop in Minneapolis. He later returned to Java for further study and the Jason Scott Collection was born.

Each of his pieces are made of reclaimed teak salvaged from abandoned structures and handcrafted using a unique 10 step process. He now has three factory warehouses throughout Java where he provides locals with job opportunities and even works side by side with them.

It can take up to a year to order and receive a piece from Jason. Therefore, we stock so many of his pieces and we ship nationwide. We try to keep our website as up to date as possible with what we have in stock. We also always have items on order and know when to expect them. So, if you don’t see the piece that you want, we may already have it on order!